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Officer Crawford seems like a nice guy to area paper in Marengo, IL

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“Crawford seems like a nice enough guy. He’s married and has been honorably cited in the three years he’s worked in Marengo.” This is a quote from the NW Herald paper that was obtained from information that Scott Crawford gave them. It shows how this officer not only lies on the stand, lies at grand jury hearings, intimidates people, and falsely charges people, but that he lies so much, he will even lie to the local news media.A nice enough guy? Yeah, if you think its nice to grab someone whose in handcuffs, lift them up repeatedly by the handcuffs and drop them on their face, and put their head through the wall afterward. Then charge them with aggravated battery and assault on a police officer. How about holding down a small 14 year old girl down, after having tackled her to the ground and pulling up her shirt to expose her breasts? A parent who was there tried to pull the shirt back down, but was stopped by Crawford. How about pepper spraying and hitting a 14 year old boy because our “nice” Officer Crawford thought the boy was 18 and wouldn’t show him his ID? Or many, many other such incidents, too many to count.Married? To whom? No, Officer Crawford would like the papers to think he is married.But actually he just has a girlfriend and a child. He isn’t married. And he cheated on her with Officer Given besides. I personally have received information that the Marengo Police were having trouble with Officer Crawford and an another Officer(Given) meeting in coffee shops instead of doing their jobs. So much for a nice married man.How about honorably cited? With what? No, if he was cited at all, it was for wrongdoing. Officer Crawford was suspended several times while working as a police officer in Marengo. We should all be thankful he finally resigned and work to undo the damage he has done in Marengo. The Gaughan brothers still have false charges they are fighting after their encounter with Crawford months back. The State’s Attorney refuses to drop the charges and the State Police are friends with the Marengo Police. Crawford is one of the witnesses who will be testifying against the Gaughans, even though his testimony, as you can see from the lies above, is unreliable.

Marengo, IL

May 16, 2006


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May 15, 2006 at 11:20 pm

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