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Ryan Hallett, K.C.’s Cabin, Fox Lake Illinois

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K.C.’s Cabin Spring Grove IL

Ryan Hallett admitted that he drank as many as 14 drinks at other places before he arrived at K.C.’s Cabin which lead to a beating from an off duty officer after pulling out a pocket knife and holding a woman hostage.

Ryan Hallett was no saint.

Ryan Hallett admitted that he intentionally walked by the officers and exchanged words which provoked the incident.

Ryan Hallett admitted he took out his pocket knife and waved it at an off duty officer.

Ryan Hallett kicked one police officer in the nuts.

Ryan Hallett threatens life Jessica Thelen and others.

Ryan Hallett was a drunk and out of control.

All liars: William Kroncke, Virgil Schroeder, Joe Perez, Nichole Owens, "Big Daddy" Lou Bianchi

Illinois State Police William Kroncke, Virgil Schroeder, Joe Perez, and Nichole Owens more than likely had these witnesses Heather Miller, Melissa Cross, and Greg Fisher lie on the stand. This is not the first time that these four have used their magical charms.

I thought that Nichole Owens was a head hunting witch for drilling Jessica Thelen on the stand like that. Nichole Owens yelled and harassed her the whole time. Jessica Thelan did what she had to in order to get away from the drunken madman, Ryan Hallett.


William Kroncke, who coached the accused before their Grand Jury proceedings? Seriously, the accused were told what questions they were going to be asked and how they should answer them. What! Nichole Owens, is that legal? I am questioning your creditability, like I do not think you ever had any.

Why did the McHenry County Presiding Judge Sharon Prather refused to allow testimony from a defense expert? Was it because he was expected to say that the former police officers were justified in their use of force to defend themselves from a knife-wielding Hallett? I though the jury should have heard the statements. Is the system here in McHenryCounty so corrupt that they knew this expert could have had some influence on the jury?

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