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State’s Attorney Louis Bianchi Admit’s Wrong By Offering Sweet Deal To Guaghan Brothers, Gaughan Brothers Record Will Be Expunged Of All Charges, Civil Lawsuit Against Marengo Illinois Will Be Likely

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After nearly three years McHenry County Prosecutors throw in the towel. Nichole Owens, the prosecutor who was going after the Gaughan brothers for aggravated battery of a police officer, criminal damage to government property, criminal trespass and filing a false police report, contacted the Gaughans’ attorney last week and told them she did not wish to proceed with the case, and will drop all charges if the Gaughan brothers plead to a minor charge. The deal was if both brothers pleaded guilty to attempted disorderly conduct, which is a misdemeanor, that they fabricated the abuse allegations. Basically, there records will be expunged and the Gaughans were sentenced to one year of conditional discharge.

Of course Louis Bianchi said they had a very strong case. Louis Bianchi said. “It was so strong, it persuaded them to plead guilty.” It persuaded them to plead guilty? It must have been one of those moments. In a way that statements implies that the prosecutors are guilty of malicious prosecution. Think about it, this was a deal that no one would turn down. I did not see this one coming. I believe this was a way for the prosecutor to avoid being sued by the Gaughans, since they pled guilty. This also now makes the prosecutors look good in the media and for the up coming 2008 election for Louis Bianchi since the case was brought to a conclusion. I guess it was better to make the City of Marengo look bad then to look bad at election time.

This deal has paved the way for a strong civil lawsuit against the City of Marengo. Even though the brother plead guilty to this odd charge, it will make it hard for the City of Marengo to make their own defense since the brothers record will be wiped clean.

Congrats to the Gaughans’!!!

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