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The Northwest Herald Is An Unethical Newpaper, Louis Bianchi Is No Good For McHenry County, Vote For Dan Regna

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Louis Bianchi is nothing but a snake. He has been a terrible State’s Attorney. The Northwest Herald has portrays Louis Bianchi as some kind of "Hero" for convicting high profile cases. How many of those case had the evidence been tampered with? Hey Bianchi? Like the cops from the Fox Lake bar beating. It must of been nice to of  had a tempered recording. The Northwest Herald never mentioned that. Why? How about illegal wire taps? Boy did Bianchi waste a good sum of our tax dollars on unnecessary and illegal wire taps…. and got nothing!
The list goes on and on. Bianchi will find some other way to buy his candy and eat on our tax dollars.
Lets not forget that he seems to hate Army Reservists. You have to admit, he treats his people very poorly.
Louis Bianchi is bad for McHenry County. He has to resort to law breaking measures in order to get his convictions. Truly innocent people in McHenry County will never get a fair trial while Bianchi is in office. If you look at his cases, more criminals go free while innocent people go to prison.
One thing about the Northwest Herald, they will never print the truth. The county government has this paper wrapped around their finger. I bet they were some how forced or bribed into endorsing Bianchi…. which is unethical for a printed  newspaper to do.

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January 20, 2008 at 10:56 am

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