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Please feel free to visit the McHenry County Message Board. This message board is for people to talk freely about their community, concerns, and any other topics of interest. The forum is divided into various areas, according to the town that you live in McHenry County. There are also various other areas and topics, for everyone to post in.


McHenry County IL Message Board


Don Manzullo Bad For Congress; Don Manzullo Betrays Families; BOB ABBOUD FOR CONGRESS

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What has Manzullo done to help families?

Manzullo’s idea of relieving traffic congestion is kicking families out of their home and tearing them down to make roads wider.

Manzullo’s blind allegiance to a self serving and destructive energy policy has hamstrung development of
new technology.

Don Manzullo has had 16 years to address this energy crisis, 16 years to avoid this catastrophe and he has done absolutely nothing, nothing.

Don Manzullo’s choice to ignore these heroes, oppose a plan for their return home, and refuse to take a position on delivering the funding our forces already in Iraq need is shameful.

Don Manzullo made the choice to turn his back on the individuals to whom this country owes its freedom.

After the loss of more than 4,000 American lives, countless casualties and more than half a trillion dollars, what is it going to take for Don Manzullo to step up to the plate and become a real leader, a leader that works for the security of every American.

The list goes on. The bottom line is Don Manzullo for the past 16 years has been bring the problems of Washington back to the 16th district.

It’s time for real leadership….. It’s time for change…..

BOB ABBOUD for CONGRESS 16th District

Written by mchenrycountyilpress

October 31, 2008 at 6:36 pm